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Wasp Spider Solitaire

Prepare to get stung--wasp solitaire is here!

Wasp solitaire is a derivative of Spider Solitaire: the goal is to create 4 stacks of similarly suited cards from King to Ace. Since this version of wasp solitaire just uses one suit, it is the easiest--but don't let that fool you. This game is tough news. If you manage to beat it, you're a Solitaire Card Games Masters.

Since you can move any card in a stack of cards (unlike spider solitaire, none of them become inactive, or "gray"), a good strategy is to first create an "open" space on the table. Once you have an empty column, the game becomes much more flexible.

Spider Solitaire For All

  • build 4 stacks, from king-to-ace
  • strategy create and keep an "empty" column to maneuver your cards around with
  • similar to spider solitaire
  • 1 suit card game
  • can move any card in stack


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