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4 Suit Yukon Solitaire

Ready to play a spider solitaire card game that's more akin to traditional solitaire? Then it's time you start playing Yukon Solitaire.

This card game is similar to Klondike Solitaire--or "traditional solitaire"--because the object of the game is to get all cards in the four foundations on the side. Each foundation corresponds to a single suit (spades, hearts, clubs, diamonds). You start by placing an ace of any suit into any foundation, then place a two of the same suit on top of the ace, then a 3, etc.

When all cards are within the foundations on the right, you've just beaten the spider solitaire card game Yukon Solitaire!

Spider Solitaire Yukon Variant

  • More like "regular" solitaire
  • Place cards of alternating colors on top of one another (red onto black, black onto red, etc.)
  • Double click or drop cards to place them into the foundations on the right
  • When all cards are into the foundations, you've beaten Yukon Solitaire!


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